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Chicago Top 40 Charts

Chicago Top 40 Charts

Chicago Top 40 Charts

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It seems as if there's an innate need by human beings to rank things. Whether it's the top television programs or movies at the box office, we have a burning desire to know when something is "number one."

Music is no exception. Music charts have been around as long as recorded music and radio programs from Your Hit Parade to American Top 40 have capitalized on the idea of counting down the day's top hits.

Chicago Top 40 Charts 1960-1969, Chicago Top 40 Charts 1970-1979 and Chicago Top 40 Charts 1980-1990 document those songs that dominated the Midwestern airwaves (specifically, the legendary WLS) during those decades-- considered by many to be top 40's "golden age." Many of the songs listed did not appear at all on the national charts. Others, including local acts, fared much better in Chicago than in the rest of the country.

Each book contain an alphabetical listing by title and by artist of every tune listed on the WLS Silver Dollar Surveys during those years. They also list the top 40 songs of each year and for the entire decade. The sixties book contains a supplemental listing of songs on the station's Rhythm-and-Blues chart of 1964, while the seventies and eighties books list the top artists of those decades.

For those who grew up listening to radio in the Windy City as well as for record collectors from anywhere, Chicago Top 40 Charts will be valued additions to any music reference library.

About the author...

Ron Smith has been involved in oldies radio for over 40 years as a disk jockey, program and music director, most recently as the Music Director and Evening DJ at Real Oldies 1690 in Chicago. He also served for more than eight years as Music Director of WJMK-FM, Oldies 104.3 in the Windy City. He was Senior Music Programmer of Internet Radio for RadioWave.com and created and hosted streaming channels for MusicNow.com, including the Net's only all-Elvis station. His '50s Hits and '60s Hits channels were enjoyed on Slacker.com. And since 1995, he has delighted fans of '50s, '60s and '70s music with the Internet oldies Web site www.oldiesmusic.com.

Smith is also the author of WCFL Chicago Top 40 Charts 1965-1976. He resides in suburban Chicago with his vast music and book libraries.

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