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He's Got the Whole Wide World in His Hands

Here are other fascinating Oldies-related sites on the Web:

Lyrics World
They keep moving but they're still around! Other good spots to try are Top 40 Database, and the Early 70's Lyrics Server.

Scott Shannon's True Oldies Channel
A coast-to-coast oldies radio channel that also streams on the 'Net.

Sheet Music Plus
Great to be able to get sheet music online. It's also a way to get needed lyrics as well. Give them a try!

Billboard Top 40 Search Engine
Search by year, title or artist. And if you prefer the Cash Box charts, here's where to visit.

Top 40 Hits of Each Year 1930-2000
Also lists #1 songs of each year. And here's the place to go for those Canadian Charts from CHUM. And search the UK lists here.

Number One Songs By Date
In both the U.S. & U.K.-- plus "This Date in Music".

Rock Music Timeline
A visual guide to the history of rock and roll with links to audio, video and detailed information on key events in rock music history.

Mr. Pop History
Everything you can think of from the baby boomer era-- and a site for pop culture, too.

What Is That Song I Heard In A TV Commercial?
Comprehensive list of songs in spots.

New York Music Charts

Oldies Loon
Local music charts from Chicago, Minneapolis and more.

Forgotten Hits Blog
Official home of the Forgotten Hits Mailing List.

Hit Parade Hall of Fame
A fine alternative to the Jann Wenner and his Cronies Hall of Fame.

Best Selling Albums of All Time
Officially certified by the RIAA.

The 60s Museum
Online now and hopefully in a permanent bricks-and-morter location someday. Please give your support.

Goldmine Magazine
Monthly magazine devoted to record collecting (now merged with the old Discoveries magazine). Great articles on artists of the 50's and 60's. Click here to subscribe.

Green Book of Songs By Subject
The book we highly recommend in our Bookstore has an equally-recommended Web site-- you can subscribe for a week or a year and search their giant database of songs!

The place to search for concert information (don't expect to find those community festivals many Oldies acts appear at, though).

Reel Top 40 Radio Repository
If you love Oldies music, how about the Top 40 radio stations that played those tunes. Here are hundreds of old airchecks in RealAudio of stations playing tunes from Rock's "Golden Age".

Chicagoland Record Collectors Show
And here's where to get those local hits-- and a whole lot more (held bi-monthly in suburban Hillside).

WWW Rockabilly Hall of Fame
Everything you ever wanted to know about Rockabilly music and the artists who create it.

Classic Movie Posters
Night Owl Books has dozens of 50's and 60's movie posters from the "golden age of drive-in theatres", including classic rock movies like "Beach Blanket Bingo". Loads of fun to visit and you can purchase them, too.

This list is far from comprehensive. We'll be spotlighting other sites in the future.

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