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[Oldies Elvis Puzzler]

I'm All Shook Up

See how many of the King's movies you can identify from their thumbnail pictures:

Here are the Answers.

[Movie 1]:
A) Paradise, Hawaiian Style
B) Blue Hawaii
C) Girls, Girls, Girls
D) Fun in Acapulco

[Movie 2]:
A) Tickle Me
B) Wild in the Country
C) Frankie and Johnny
D) Flaming Star

[Movie 3]:
A) Viva Las Vegas
B) Speedway
C) Spinout
D) Clambake

[Movie 4]:
A) Kid Gallahad
B) Fun in Acapulco
C) Roustabout
D) Kissin' Cousins

[Movie 5]:
A) Girl Happy
B) Jailhouse Rock
C) Harum Scarum
D) Frankie and Johnny

[Movie 6]:
A) Flaming Star
B) King Creole
C) Love Me Tender
D) Charro

[Movie 7]:
A) G.I. Blues
B) Easy Come, Easy Go
C) Kissin' Cousins
D) Double Trouble

[Movie 8]:
A) Charro
B) Wild in the Country
C) Flaming Star
D) Stay Away Joe

[Movie 9]:
A) Roustabout
B) Girl Happy
C) The Trouble With Girls
D) Loving You

[Movie 10]:
A) Speedway
B) Clambake
C) Spinout
D) Viva Las Vegas

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