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[Oldies Music Accolades]

[Top 5%]
PreRetirementLife.com Most Useful 50+ Site
[Top 5%]
Lycos Top 5% of all Web Sites
[Top 25 of the World]
Ultimate Exposure 200 Top 25 Websites of the World
August/September, 1997
[Cool Site of the Hour]
Cool Site of the Hour 12/17/96
[Best of the Web]
Luckman's Best of the Web
[Cleveland P-D]
Cleveland Plain-Dealer "Cool Site" 9/1/97
Dynamite Site of the Nite for 9/29/95
[Site Du Jour]
Site du Jour of the Day for 9/7/98
[Tech Talk]
Tech Talk Music Site of the Day 1/28/97
[Info Guide]
Info Guide Music Site of the Week 3/10/97
Netscape "What's New" choice 11/21/96
WTAE TV-4 Pittsburgh Web site of the day, 11/18/96
CHUM Toronto Five Jukebox Site
4anything.com Editor's Choice
[PRN Radio Net]
PRN Radio Network Award of Excellence
[Hall of Fame]
Program One WWW Hall of Fame
[Ozarks Online]
Ozarks Online Site of the Day 12/17/96
WebGuide Weekly Pick
March, 1998
Legacy Choice Award for Excellence
[Music Top 10% Sites]
Music Top 10% Sites
[Duke of URL]
Duke of URL Classy Site Pick Award
[Great Goo]
Great Goo Award April 3, 1998
[Rewind the 50's]
Rewind the 50's Spiffy Site Award
[Music Is]
Music Is Best of the Web Award
[Critical Mass]
Critical Mass Award
[CyberTeddy ]
CyberTeddy's Top 500 Web site
Chari's ILTS Award
WebFlier Wings Award
WebWalkers What-A-Site Award
[WS Award]
WS Award
Schoolzone Highly Rated Site
Websight Magazine WebGuide recommendation 4/97
Discoveries Magazine "Where the Interaction Is" recommendation, 6/97

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